School's in Session: 7 Essential Supplies for Students

  • Jul 7, 2024

Students are back in the classroom and parents are scrambling to purchase all of the necessary supplies on each teacher’s checklist. From three different types of pencils, calculators, and folders for every subject, it can be overwhelming to meet the requirements for every class. Help your clients get their kids back-to-school ready with these seven A+ promotional products that are all made-in-America!


1 ½” Round Ring Vinyl Binder 


Organization is key when students begin a new school year. They’ve got syllabuses, homework, projects, and so much more! A round ring vinyl binder can help them stay on top of all their assignments and ace every subject. Place your logo on the front of the binder and clients will remember your business every time their child pulls it out of their backpack.  



Black Barrel Highlighter With Chisel Tip

Highlight your brand with these colorful highlighters that will leave a bright impression! Available in a multitude of fluorescent inks, these markers are bold enough to highlight important text (like biology notes) and bold enough to make your business pop!  



2 Pocket Mini Folder 

Every teacher assigns presentations. From book reports to chemistry experiments, students need folders to keep all their work neatly organized and safe. Brightly-colored folders will do the trick! Folders have a large surface area to place your logo and other designs. Not only will parents and their students remember your brand every time they flip this folder open, but there will be more eyes on your logo when the presentation is turned into teachers. Now, that’s a gold star marketing tactic!



Mood Pencil With Black Eraser

There are thousands of pencils out there, but not many can change colors. These mood pencils with black erasers are too cool for school! Students will be mesmerized every time they are taking notes because the heat from their hands will make the pencil change colors. Plus, your clients will appreciate the uniqueness of these pencils and be in the mood to contact your business! 



28 Oz. Sports Bottle 

A sharp, alert mind requires hydration. Water bottles are perfect to hand out on the first day of school! You can even personalize them to fit the school’s colors. Help students stay refreshed each day. These water bottles are also great to carry to P.E. and home football games. 



Small Eclipse Journal™ 

When parents scan over the school supplies list, chances are notebooks will be at the very top. Notebooks are an easy giveaway with a huge benefit. From notetaking to doodling, notebooks are essential to have in the classroom but also can be pretty expensive if each class requires one. Save the day when you hand out these notebooks with your logo imprinted on the cover. Parents will thank you for saving them money and investing in their child’s education. 



1 Oz. Hand Sanitizer 

Help your client’s children stay healthy at school with these 1oz. hand sanitizers that can clip onto backpacks and lunchboxes. Make sure students bring home their school assignments and not nasty germs. 


We’ve got thousands of other promotional supplies for the school year! Contact us to learn more. 

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